Did You Know? (8.18.2015)

You may now add all of your Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Youtube, etc) to your profile. A small image with a link is shown not only in your profile (under the Contact Tab) but also under the user information on your posts. This is a great way to free up your signatures for other things. For more information, click HERE.

Did You Know? (8.28.2015)

The forum index is TABBED, meaning instead of having one long continious index page to scroll down, you only have to click a tab to get to the different sections our forum has to offer. The tab buttons are shown above the forum category. (Social Swappers/Events/Idea & Design Center/etc)

The forum category shown by default upon your arrival is the SOCIAL SWAPPERS tab. You may choose your own default tab to display your prefered forum category, to do so, please go to your User CP, click Edit Options, under Forum Display Options select your prefered default tab. Enjoy!

Did You Know? (9.1.2015)

You may change the forum colour to just about anything you'd like. In the top right corner of the forum beside the search box, you will see a colour selector button, click on it, select your colour by dragging your mouse over the colour wheel OR if you know the html colour you can type it in. Click on the check mark to save.
*Please note, this will not work on some mobile devices. Your selection is saved with a cookie - if you clear your cookie cache it will revert back to the default blue.

Social SwappersThis category is for all of our social themed forums.
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